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3D Hourglass - Sand Landscape in the Open Sea

3D Hourglass - Sand Landscape in the Open Sea

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An oddly satisfying decoration for your home!

Enjoy the flowing sand as it slowly forms a landscape of mountains or stars, depending on the shade you choose.

Over time, they create mountains, rivers, stars, or even the sea, but you will never have the same creation twice.

A must-have for a child's bedroom, an office, or a living space.

Features :
  • The smooth movement of the sand relieves stress, relaxes the body, and develops patience.
  • Each flip produces a unique, non-repetitive and brand new dynamic sand painting.
  • The frame is made of high quality, clear glass, set on an acrylic base for a sturdy and luxurious design.
  • Easy to use for all ages, its lightweight design can be lifted and rotated by anyone.
  • Admire the hypnotic mountains and valleys that form before you!

Material : Glass, Acrylic, Quicksand
Polished Surface
7 inches - 7.1 x 7.5 x 1.6 inches
12 inches - 10.2 x 10.2 x 1.8 inches


1. The art of quicksand is the natural balance of water, sand and air. The height of the air is about 5 mm, at this level the sand will reach a better flow.

  • If the sand falls too slowly : extract some air.
  • If the sand falls too fast : add some air.

2. With the change in temperature and air pressure, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the air and water in the sand painting with the air conditioner (included in the package)

  • There is a hole in the frame of each sand painting to concentrate air at the corner of the hole and wait for all sand to move away.
  • Insert the air conditioner into the air hole to extract or add air.

3. If many small bubbles in the sand become particularly large bubbles, a little water can be added to complete the evaporation of water.

  • Be sure to use pure or previously boiled cooling water.
  • Select an air hole, wait for all sand to be removed, extract air, and drain the air conditioner hose.

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