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Custom Fit Magnetic Mosquito Net

Custom Fit Magnetic Mosquito Net

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Experience the outdoors worry-free with our Custom Fit Magnetic Mosquito Net - no mosquitoes, no hassle!


Premium Protection with our Magnetic Mosquito Net

By opting for our Custom Fit Magnetic Mosquito Net, your family will enjoy superior protection against mosquitoes and other harmful insects.
So, imagine summers without buzzing or bites; moments of tranquility indoors and outdoors.
Furthermore, it is weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting protection, season after season.

Easy to Install and Customizable Magnetic Mosquito Net

The beauty of our Custom Fit Magnetic Mosquito Net lies in its simplicity.
Indeed, installation takes only a few minutes thanks to our innovative magnetic adhesive strips, designed to adhere to various surfaces, including wood, PVC, aluminum, and metal.
Moreover, each mosquito net can be custom fit to your windows, ensuring a discreet and elegant aesthetic.

Durable Quality

Our Custom Fit Magnetic Mosquito Net is not your average mosquito net.
Made from premium materials, this product offers exceptional durability.
Thus, your investment is secure and guarantees you years of tranquility.

Ease of Use

Thanks to our magnet system, removing and replacing your Custom Fit Magnetic Mosquito Net is a breeze.
Plus, maintenance is simple : just remove the mosquito net and clean it with a soft, damp cloth.
So, get ready to enjoy easy access to your windows while enjoying protection against insects.

Specifications :
Materials : High Quality PVC, Fiberglass
Color : Black
Available Sizes :
Height :
60 to 160 cm
Width :
60 to 140 cm

The package includes :

  • Roll of magnetic adhesive strips (with extra to ensure a sufficient quantity)
  • Fiberglass mosquito net
  • PVC support frame
  • Fixing elements for the frame and reinforcements


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