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Revolutionary Contour Measuring Tool

Revolutionary Contour Measuring Tool

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Never struggle with tracing patterns on paper or cardboard again. Our contour gauge makes measuring and cutting a breeze!

Precise shape duplication

Notre outil pour mesure de contours Jardioui est conçu pour l’enroulement des tuyaux, cadres circulaires, conduits et de nombreux objets. Elle est idéale pour le montage du carrelage, de la moquette, la vérification des dimensions, le moulage, etc

Our BeeHomie contour measuring tool is designed to wrap around pipes, circular frames, ducts, and many objects. It's perfect for tile laying, carpet fitting, checking dimensions, molding, and more.

Adjustable and lockable

Once your pattern is shaped on the gauge, you can adjust the degree of locking for precise contours. Simply trace it onto your desired surface for a perfect match.

High-Quality material

Our contour gauge is made of sturdy and high-quality ABS plastic. The high-strength material won't damage the surface you choose to shape and duplicate.

Easy to use

With smooth operating mechanisms, it's super easy to push and control. Simply shape, mark, cut, and you're done. With the BeeHomie contour tool, you'll simplify your work with a simple push against any irregular object.

Specifications : 

  • Material : ABS
  • Size : Standard - 5.1in x 2.8in, Large - 10.2in x 2.8in
  • Weight : 0.9lbs

BeeHomie, it's the beginning of happiness!

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