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Revolutionary Mouse Trap

Revolutionary Mouse Trap

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✨ Why is our BeeHomie trap the most effective on the market ?

No more buying ineffective mouse traps that can endanger your pets or even worse... your children.

👉 Safe for Children and Pets

The BeeHomie Trap against traditional traps and poisons

The BeeHomie rodent trap is safe for your family. It has been designed to be effective without poison or dangerous systems.

🐭 Let the mice fall one by one into the bucket thanks to the tipping trapdoor

The main problem with traditional traps is that after each capture, the trap must be emptied and re-baited to capture the next rodent.

We have designed this trap to catch dozens of rodents without having to intervene.

Our smart trap automatically resets itself after a rodent has been trapped.

✔️ A trap that can be reused over and over again and is easy to build

Our trap is infinitely reusable, it will last for years to come.


❓ How does it work?

1) Rodents climb the ramp because they are attracted by the bait.

2) As they get closer to the smell of the bait, they head for the trap door.

3) They fall into the bucket through the trap door that tips under their weight.

4) The trap automatically returns to its initial position, ready to trap a new rat or mouse.

⚠️ Rodents are a real danger to your health

Rodents carry serious diseases that they can transmit to humans. They also urinate constantly and leave unbearable odors.

They can even eat up your electrical wires, which in addition to disabling your network, can cause dangerous short circuits and even fires.

It is therefore important to get rid of them effectively before they reproduce.


Which bait to use ?
You can use something sweet like peanut butter, jam, Coke or something greasy like animal fat.
You can place the bait on the trap door.

Is it dangerous for children and pets?
No, there is no danger because there is no poison or dangerous fag system that can hurt.
The small size of the cover entrance means that a dog or cat cannot get in.

Do the rats die once they fall into the bucket?
No, our trap has been designed to preserve the life of the captured animals, if you wish you can release them elsewhere.

If you want the rats to die, you can add 10-15cm of water to the bucket to make it deadly.

Can I use the trap indoors and outdoors ?
Yes, the BeeHomie trap will be effective anywhere.

How many traps do I need ?
We advise you to put 1 to 3 traps per room depending on its size.

Which bucket should I use ?
You can use any bucket. A paint bucket for example will do. However, the bucket you choose should be between 10 and 12 inches in diameter.

BeeHomie, it's the beginning of happiness!

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